An artist who truly knows who she is, Breann Young’s hauntingly powerful voice paired with her honest and relatable lyrics are a breath of fresh air that resonates with lovers of Classic Country and Americana music. 

Born in a small east Texas town and raised singing in a church choir, Breann’s talent was clear to those around her at young age. After watching hometown hero Grammy award winner Linda Davis perform at the age of 3, Breann knew how important music was to her. “I always had a taste all my own for voices and songs that made me feel something. I may not have realized it then but eventually I figured out that music was going to be something that held me together throughout my life through the good times and bad.” 

At the age of 8 Breann began performing with her first band “Pure Country” in her hometown and to the residents of Carthage Texas it was clear that Breann Young had a rare gift. 

Breann moved to Nashville in 2010. With a notebook full of songs, a heart full of dreams, and a car with the gas gauge on “E”, but Breann had arrived. “There is magic in this city and that’s why I came here, to find mine and to share it with everyone.” 

Breann found her “Nashville Family” when Big Tent Publishing, a small emerging publisher that resides on Music Row in the old Hank Williams building invited her to write with them. Big Tent President Cody Walden and Big Tent Creative Director David Reuter both felt that they had not only found an Artist with “Timeless Voice” but also an Artist with a Blue Collar appeal. It didn't take long for Big Tent to show their belief in Breann by setting up recording sessions with Breann at The Dark Matter Laboratory, an emerging Production company that is run by a young female Producer Kristen Parisi. Big Tent Publishing and The Dark Matter Laboratory combined there resources to Co-Produce and Master Breann’s first professional work “Highs and Lows”. 

While Breann continues to grow her fan base and promote her Simpson-esc reluctance to conform she remembers how she felt while writing these songs and hopes those same emotions come across to listeners everywhere. ““Highs and Lows” is the next step in a lifelong journey for Breann and a first step for her manager Christopher Reuter. It will be exciting to follow the Journey that they’ll be on together as Co-Writers and as Friends and now as business associates because these songs, this music and this artist all deserve to be heard by people who are out there searching for REAL Music.